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South Asian Cultural Toys - Bringing Diversity to the Playroom


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The one stop shop for all your Hindu teachings and story telling. The perfect gift for anyone ranging from toddlers to adults! We had purchased the puzzle kit, featuring four different puzzles with four unique story's to each deity. We fell in love with their products; they were super cute and effective!! 

Esra Thevarasalingam

As an Early Childhood Educator, I love what this brand stands for. Inclusivity and diversity are key factors in every classroom. When children can personally relate to their play materials, greater opportunities of growth and learning emerge. I look forward to seeing Little Ladoo in action!

Faudia Ibrahim, ECE

Little Ladoo is an excellent addition for any home library or school library that wishes to create a more diverse collection. I love when children see themselves reflected in the books they read and the toys they play with!

Dr. Sheliza Ibrahim Khan, Mama of 3 & Educator

Little Laddoo: a short, fun & simple read for anyone looking to teach their kids about Indian culture! This book is a great tool to expand your child’s curiosity about the world, travel & other ways of life. Highly recommended!

Roop Mudhar, Mama of 1

We got the Little Ladoo puzzles as an early Diwali present for my toddler and he is mesmerized. He works with one of them everyday and asks me questions about their outfits, props, etc. This has to be the most wonderful, interactive way to teach kids about our culture and religion. Kudos to the ladies behind the brand :)

Ridhima, Mama of 1