About Us

Little Ladoo - Sindhu Senthilnathan & Vaishali Sahni

Hi! Thanks for stopping by to learn a little more about us! We are Sindhu and Vaishali, and we’re the co-founders of Little Ladoo.

Our parents immigrated to Canada and with them, they brought their upbringing, culture and roots. They landed in a foreign country and raised their family by learning a new culture and trying to create a melting pot with the old one they knew. The toy store, the library and tv shows were some of the ways they learned about this place they now called home. Fast forward to us. We are comfortable here, but sharing our roots isn’t as natural as it was for our parents - thus Little Ladoo was born. 

Ladoos are round Indian sweets that are served at joyous occasions, engagements, weddings, the birth of children - and have always symbolized good news and good times. We couldn’t think of a better image for our brand - especially one that is synonymous for little children - round, happy and sweet. 

We wanted to create products that showcase the Indian culture in a way that is relatable for children, but also as a tool for parents to teach their kids about who they are. Our items tell a story deeper than just what the item is at face value, they tell the story of our grandparents taking us to the temple, our parents feeding us special sweets and Indian treats and most importantly they tell our children that our roots are not just overseas, but in their play rooms, on their book shelves and proudly showcased in their classrooms.

Come along for the adventure that is Little Ladoo.